Domestic maintenance for a cultivated appearance

Maintenance work

Reliably clean for a sustainable value preservation of your property.

Our experts clean your foyers, staircases, corridors and garages thouroughly. We provide crystal clear windows and a bright house facade. We professionally maintain building technology like ventilation, heating and sanitary facilities. Moreover, we control building technology like lighting, surveillance and the locking system. In autumn, we dispose of the leaves on your lawn, while we remove snow and ice during winter.

We are here for you and your tenants.

We not only check the compliance with your house rules, but will also gladly be the first contact for your tenants. Minor repairs will be taken care of single-handedly and immediately. For bigger issues we will consult the necessary craftsmen.

We flexibly and discreetly commit ourselves to your wishes and needs.

After the viewing of your property we develop an individual cleaning plan tailored to your requirements. To guarantee an outstanding performance, we provide personal consulting and perform regular quality checks. The viewing as well as the consulting are free of charge.

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